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Resaca, Georgia 1992
Battle of Resaca, Georgia 1992

Some excellent books you may wish to read about the 11th Mississippi and Civil War life:

Duty - Honor - Valor. The Story of the Eleventh Mississippi Infantry Regiment by Steven H. Stubbs.

Lamar Rifles. A History of Company G, Eleventh Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

The University Greys. A History of Company A, Eleventh Mississippi Regiment Army of Northern Virginia.

Tithes of Blood. A Confederate Soldier's Story by Billy Ellis.

The Mississippi Brigade of Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Davis by T.P. Williams

Hardtack & Coffee. The Unwritten Story of Army Life by John D. Billings.

Corporal Si Klegg and His Pard by Wilbur F. Hinman

The 11th Mississippi at Gettysburg


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