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Welcome to the website of the Lamar Rifles, Company G of the 11th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Civil War re-enactors. The majority of our members reside in and around the St. Louis, Missouri area. However, the unit also includes members that reside great distances from St. Louis. Our principle reason for existance is to promote an unbiased portrayal of Civil War history to the best of our ability and to have fun doing it. This website is to provide information about the re-enacted company, and in limited capability, information as we gather it about the original 11th Mississippi Regiment and Company G. Visitors are welcome to contact our Civil War re-enactment unit to contribute or request information, or join up with us. Please explore our website. Thank you for visiting!


Conner Prairie - May, 2007
Prairie Grove AR - 2018

Minooka, IL 2007
Gettysburg NMP 11th MS Monument- August 2018

Athens, Missouri 2008
Athens, Missouri - August 2008 (as the Missouri State Guard)


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